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.  I am Sole Willy, a Singer, Songwriter, Poet, and a Public Speaker. I am from Rivers State, of the Niger Delta region of Nigeria where fishing used to be our predominant cultural heritage. As it is customary, the fishing culture is always accompanied with other cultural festivities like sing-songs and dances from various cultural groups. Growing up in this type of environment with such rich cultural background, helped to shape my journey in entertainment.

I am a music artiste with so much love for Highlife, Reggae, Afro-Pop, and Dance music genre. As a young boy, my music life was greatly influenced by Cardinal Jim Rex Lawson “the king of highlife” music who fortunately was a kinsman.

My writings as expressed in my lyrics are inspired by God’s love, goodness, grace and mercies which are matchless. It beats my imagination how He could love sinners like me to the point of sacrificing His only begotten son as a ransom for my kind, to Him I pour my gratitude and offer my sacrifices of praise.

Beyond Highlife music I have also been influenced by legendary Reggae artistes like Peter Tosh, Bob Marley, Lucky Dube, Alpha Blonde, Clinton Fearon, Luciano, Buchi Bwai. All of these men made me love Reggae music with so much passion.